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Maureen has grown up knowing that her soul mate Alec exists — and that there is an ancient kelpie's curse preventing them from finding lasting happiness together.


Through the ages, they've been brought back time and again to find each other, only to be murdered in each lifetime. She has spent this life preparing for the moment when she will finally meet her beloved again and they'll have to face their killer. Yet, this time, Maureen vows, she is not going down without a fight.


Forensic scientist Trevor Alexander Harrison does not believe in reincarnation, but he cannot deny the mind-blowing attraction he feels for Maureen, nor the sense of familiarity in her embrace. Still, he only wants her to love him for who he is — not for who she believes him to be.In this lifetime, they will not only have to defeat their enemy, but Maureen will also have to convince Trevor that theirs is indeed a timeless love.





“This is romance at its finest.”
--Ann Boling of


Reviewer Top Pick-- Night Owl Romance

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