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Genevieve Downey is a good girl with a deliciously naughty imagination, but she’s too shy to put that imagination to use in real life. Much safer to turn it loose in the romance novels she pens in her quiet, cozy apartment. And it’s not like she has to leave her building to find inspiration. Just across the hall is Doctor Brandon Dalton, the ER physician with enough sex appeal for dozens of romance heroes. Too bad his job makes him a bad candidate for the role of real-life lover. Gen’s a doctor’s daughter, and she’s seen firsthand the heartache that comes from being a doctor’s wife. Too bad, because Brandon sure is hot! When Brandon’s mail is crossed with Gen’s and he accidentally reads her royalty statement, he’s astonished to discover his sweetly innocent neighbor writes steamy historical romance. Astonished, and very definitely intrigued. Is it a coincidence that the wild Scottish hero of Gen’s latest novel bears a strong resemblance to him? There’s only one way to find out -- don a kilt, cross the hall, and introduce his neighbor to The Doctor Next Door!






“...enough to give me tingles.” --Chrissy Dionne of



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