top of page gives CRAVING JESS 5 Stars!!

“This book is both a great read and extremely hot.  The plot is attention-grabbing.  The characters are developed to the point that I felt almost a relationship with them.  The sex is incredible.  All of this is in 74 pages.  There is no fluff in this book!  This is one to read and recommend.”
 gives ROMANCING THE STONES 5 Hearts!!

“All of the scenes between Charlie and Vaiden are infused with both heat and tenderness. The dialogue is witty and fits the characters and really illuminates the sparks that fly between them. Theirs is a fantastic story.”



Romantic Times Book Reviews says: ROMANCING THE STONES 4 STARS-- HOT

“A carefully orchestrated plot and multi-faceted characters are the highlights of this tale of murder and intrigue. Suspects— and red herrings— are numerous.”


4.5 Nymphs from  Angels from Literary Nymphs Reviews Only for Romancing the Stones

“For a lover of history and archeology in general, Romancing the Stones was an unexpected, but happy treasure. Ms. Berlin has done a wonderful job juggling all aspects of this well-written but complicated tale…romance, suspense, history, myth, murder, and enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end. The characters are intriguing, the pace quick and lively, and the overall story entertaining; leaving you with the desire to read more about these people and what happens after the book ends. Charlie is strong, tenacious, smart, independent, sexy and used to taking care of herself. Vaiden is a dedicated, quick-witted, determined, hardworking hunk who’s protective of what he considers his. At times, these two mix as well as oil and water but when they come together, it’s filled with passion and fire. On top of all this, Ms. Berlin has included some great secondary characters that only make the story better and even leave a few questions about them that I’d still like answered. Oh, well, maybe I’ll get my answers in a future book following the lives and adventures of these two lovers.”


5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews for Romancing the Stones

Stephanie B. says: “Romancing the Stones by Catherine Berlin is a marvelously entertaining romantic suspense with a paranormal twist. Strange things happen around the twelve Ica stones Charlie returned from Peru with; do they have something to do with why someone appears to be targeting Charlie? I loved the character of Charlie right from the start. Only an intelligent, strong, and independent woman would react to the sound of someone in her house while she’s in the shower by hiding behind the door with a Glock! Vaiden is the kind of guy you would want to find you naked in the bathroom. He is a hunk, quick witted, and dedicated to justice. The chemistry between these two is immediately apparent and when they acknowledge the attraction their encounter is electric! The plot in this story is intricate and engrossing as both Vaiden and Charlie try to figure out why Charlie is involved at all. Vaiden is determined to protect Charlie from harm and Charlie is determined to go her own way; so conflict is inevitable! I read this book straight through, resenting any interruptions, until Ms. Berlin finally lead me to the ending. The whole story beginning to end is very well done and I hope there will be some kind of sequel. I’d love to read more about Charlie and Vaiden or even about some of the many interesting secondary characters scattered through the story! If you want to read an intriguing romantic suspense with a paranormal twist, you will enjoy this one!”



ParanormalRomance.Org says: “I had a wonderful time reading this book.”

Reviewer Dawn U. says: “I learned amazing things I did not know and enjoyed doing the research that the author could only hint at. The book was wonderfully warm and sensual. The sexual tension between the main characters was a palpable thing. The mysteries in the book make you sit there and go hmm, as you try and figure them out. The progression of the story was natural and there is a twist you just don't see coming. All in all, this is a wonderful story.”



5 Stars for THE DOCTOR NEXT DOOR ISBN: 978-1-60310-160-8 Red Sage, 2008 5Stars

Dr. Brandon Dalton became a blithering idiot each time he saw his neighbor Genevieve Downey. He finally found an excuse to talk to the beautiful woman when her mail was delivered to him by mistake. A trip to the bookstore gave him a chance to discover what type of books she wrote. The Highland Lord was not the genre of book he would normally choose. Unknown to Brandon, he would soon be the hero in Gen’s next book. She found him extremely attractive. Brandon could hardly wait to read the romance book, especially the sexy parts. Gen’s heroes did not ask, they took what they wanted. She could not get him out of her mind. She could not resist his touch.   The Doctor Next Door by Catherine Berlin is a delicious read. The plot is a mixture of passion with a touch of humor. The innocence of Gen and the maleness of Brandon make for a hot steamy relationship. Every damsel wants someone that will protect her. Berlin has a winner! Fans of romance will not want to miss The Doctor Next Door.

Reviewed by Anne Boling for


Return to Me earns 5 blue ribbons from

“I admit to being a hopeless romantic. I can't help but gobble up any story that reunites lovers. RETURN TO ME is a stunning example of lost love found and more. It is full of powerful emotions and characters so appealing that thinking of them just brings a smile to my face. RETURN TO ME takes a premise that has been explored before and takes it one step further. Not only do our lovers lose each other, but they have done it repeatedly from one life to the next. Ms. Berlin flawlessly delivers a tale that blends the past lives of Maureen and Alex with their current one. In doing so, she creates an evil so spine chilling that it gave me goosebumps as I read. Cleverly written and well-plotted, RETURN TO ME will have readers questioning their beliefs right along with Trevor as he struggles to believe the unbelievable. As I read I felt Maureen's sorrow and pain as deeply as she did as her unhappy life is laid before us. Ms. Berlin manages to reveal a woman of courage and incredible strength. Throughout this novel Maureen must battle disbelief and criticism and she does it with grace and an unwavering faith that makes her one of the finest heroines I have ever encountered. All in all RETURN TO ME left me feeling fulfilled and uttering "Wow" as I finished it. Ms. Berlin has delivered a heartwarming tale that should not be missed.”



RETURN TO ME gets 5 Hearts from Night Owl Romance

“Oh my god I loved this story so much I was rooting for Maureen all the way through the end. I’m like how can Trevor not cave and just accommodate her? Each time my heart broke when Maureen would talk about Alec, hoping that maybe this time Trevor will remember.

“This author, Catherine Berlin, is not only talented, but widely imaginative. You can see the characters come to life, the sick killer, and most of all the places she takes you in Maureen’s quest for Trevor to remember. My favorite scene of course is when they are in Scotland with the young Alec. Great story and can’t wait for more of this author for she is definitely one to keep an eye out.”--Melinda



Return to Me earns 5 stars from

Catherine Berlin has written an exciting paranormal romantic story. Ms. Berlin skillfully weaves the past and present together to create a tapestry of romance and suspense. The emotional connection between Trevor and Maureen is strong and sensuous. Walter is the perfect nemesis. This is romance at its finest.”--Ann Boling reviews THE DOCTOR NEXT DOOR

“I enjoyed this short-but-sweet story from the first page to the last.  In fact, I wouldn’t even wish for it to be longer, because Ms. Berlin gave me everything I needed to know about the characters, along with a well-developed storyline told with humor and sincerity. It was fast-paced, warm, funny, and spiced with danger. Brandon was a refreshing and endearing change from the over-achieving, deadly serious, God-complex doctor; he was dedicated, but not blind to the outside world. The chemistry between the two main characters rang true, and I felt their affection as well as their attraction for each other. This was a great read, uncomplicated without being simplistic, and told with plenty of heart. I may not have needed this book to be longer, but I wouldn’t mind re-visiting these two!” --Julia C.



Romance Junkies awards The Doctor Next Door 4 1/2 Blue Ribbons!

“Catherine Berlin gives every historical romance reader their fantasy -the hero come to life. OK so maybe not ‘come to life’ per se, but certainly having the man the character is modeled after voluntarily dress and act the part is enough to give me tingles. THE DOCTOR NEXTDOOR is more than just a simple fantasy being played out, it’s a wonderful story about next door neighbors who are attracted to each other but believe that a long-term relationship isn’t feasible. Gen thinks that the sort of hero she wants only lives in fantasies and books - Brandon can prove otherwise. Wonderful story Ms. Berlin! I’ll hope to see many more like this in the near future.” --Chrissy Dionne



JERR (Just Erotic Romance Reviews) gives The Doctor Next Door FOUR STARS!!!

I really enjoyed The Doctor Next Door. It makes for a good light read. I had fun seeing shy Gen come out of her shell a little and become more independent as Brandon opened up to the possibility of love. [ ... ]The story kept up a good flow from beginning to end and kept me interested in the developing relationship between Gen and Brandon. I did feel Brandon and Gen were beginning a loving, lasting relationship. I also look forward to learning more about the members of Gen’s critique group in future books. They seem like a fascinating group of ladies. I will definitely keep an eye out for this author in the future. If you’re looking for a quick, light read about the beginning of a loving relationship, Catherine Berlin’s The Doctor Next Door is for you.”--reviewed by Ann Barber



Outside the Fire: Romantic Times 2004 Reviewers Choice Award Nominee for Best Small Press Romance of 2005.

Reviewers Choice Awards honor the best books of the year, and are selected by the Romantic Times staff of over 35 reviewers representing the reader's voice in the women's fiction industry. Awards will be given at the 22 Annual Booklovers Convention April 28 to May 1, 2005.


Outside The Fire is a finalist in the More Than Magic contest sponsored by the Tulsa chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Winners to be announced May 14, 2005.


Outside The Fire has been nominated for Best Contemporary Romance, and has made it to the final round in the Annual Golden Rose Reader's Choice Awards. Winners should be announced May 10,

In Bathsheba, Virginia, life moves at a different pace than the outside world. To make a living in town is to play out a certain fate working in the underwear factory or harvesting tobacco.Brandy Brigham accepted her fate long ago as Elastic Inspector #27. Until the day she receives a letter from the office of Walford Enterprises, the company that’s just acquired the underwear factory. Despite her complete lack of office skills, she’s been selected to work in the company president’s office as the assistant to his assistant. Curious and excited at the prospect of improving her life, she accepts the job offer and relocates to Eastown.The job includes a fantastic salary and benefits package complete with a fantastic furnished upscale apartment. And a yummy neighbor named Nick, whom she glimpses from time to time at the apartment building and at work.Who should Nick turn out to be but her new boss! It turns out the elder Mr. Walford has retired, leaving his equally ruthless son Nick in charge of the company, which specializes in mergers and acquisitions.Brandy’s new job is mortifying. She knows less than nothing about office procedure and computers. She’s a penalty to the staff and business operations. She can’t figure out how or why she’s in the corporate offices, but she keeps trying to make the best of it. She doesn’t want to return to Bathsheba in disgrace.She’s gorgeous. Nothing like Nick expected her to be. He brought Brandy to Easton to repay a mysterious debt he owes her. Soon he forgets all about the past and starts to imagine a future with Brandy. But how will she receive his romantic overtures once she finds out his plans for the Bathsheba plant?Ms. Berlin takes us smoothly through the initial phases of Brandy and Nick’s attraction to each other, then cranks up the pace nicely for the second half. Throw in Nick’s catty girlfriend, whom he dumps, an abandoned baby, to whom they become the temporary guardian, and a fire in Nick’s penthouse, and the plot and intrigue start to take off. The familiar fish out of water theme is handled nicely, with some cute scenes. Like when Brandy is in the elevator with the man she doesn’t yet know is Nick and she drops her suitcase. Only she’s still holding the duct-taped handle.For a sweet romance with light suspense, you’ll enjoy Outside The Fire.

Romantic Times Book Club /


Suzie Housley - Four 1/2 Stars

In his youth Nicholas Walford set a fire that nearly claimed the life of an innocent girl. Guilt over his reckless action still haunts his thoughts, even though he's now a successful businessman. When he discovers the same girl working in one of his factories, he de-cides to offer her a substantial secretarial position. Brandy Bringham's life is filled with much sadness. She lost her family as a child and her current job barely pays her mounting bills. Brandy is stunned when she is selected for a new job—the promotion offers more than she could ever imagine. But the mystery of why she was selected threatens to be revealed.Berlin's stunning tale depicts a love that's brought together by the one thing threatening to tear it apart. Berlin asks the poignant yet painful question: Is it better to forgive rather then forget.


The Buzz / Robin Taylor

This is Ms. Berlin's first published book and she's done a terrific job of bringing past and future together for Nick and Brandy. The story contains a lot of elements, yet the characters' growth is powerful and their story is quite moving. The conclusion is shocking and will truly bring readers to the edge of their seat.The Romance Studio / Dee HergaOutside The Fire is a sensitive sentimental story about a man racked with guilt for a crime he innocently committed as a young boy, and an insecure woman who lost her family as a child. The agitation, despair, and disturbance that the main characters go through are beautifully dealt with. Catherine's words describe the emotions so touchingly that the reader can't help but feel them. The romance is delicate and pleasant, and the conclusion is wholesome and satisfying.


What Readers Are Saying “Fast paced and witty with a twist at the end that will surprise you. You'll fall in love with these characters. Catherine has written a wonderful book woven with love, laughter, and best of all a story that will stick with you long after you’ve read The End.”


Leigh Wyndfield, author“Outside The Fire contains a lot of elements, yet the characters’ growth is powerful, and their story is quite moving. The conclusion is shocking and will truly bring readers to the edge of their seat.”


Robin Taylor, The Buzz“Catherine describes emotions so touchingly that the reader can’t help but feel them. A compassionate and profoundly moving story.”    Dee Herga,  

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