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Joseph Sterling was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.



Katie Abbey's silver spoon probably got hocked when her mother abandoned her and ran off to Vegas.



Now thanks to a bizarre clause in a will, Joe and Katie have a chance at what they've always wanted- if they can drive the other person away in under ten days...Even though Joe and Katie are from vastly different backgrounds, they both want the same thing- a home to call their own.



But how can they each get what they want, when Winner Takes All?






Winner Takes All is a crazy ride as Joe and Katie battle it out for possession of the most horrible farmhouse in literature.  Creepy, decrepit, and sentimentally appealing to both characters, the farmhouse has a charm all its own.  Ten days is all they have to manage, but without the benefit of floorboards or handles on the shower and with the ceiling caving in, this is roughing it in the extreme.  Camping out is more appealing than staying on this farm!  Don’t camp out here, though—you’ll have to avoid snakes and bee swarms.  Katie figures she’s got the advantage—she grew up on Mrs. Crispin’s farm, and she knows how to survive with ease.  But this is Joe’s opportunity to connect with his mother’s side of the family for the first time, and he’s not going down without a fight.  Unexpected plot twists and happily ever afters abound in this quick, charming tale.
---Grace Tyler, author of His and Hers Dalmatians


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